A young lady has been left in fear after she was forced to give away her panties just moments after she was caught in bed with someone’s husband.

The young lady was seen as being forced by a group of older women who reportedly caught her in the act.

Lady Forced Give Away Panties
Lady Terrified After Forced To Give Away Her Panties After Caught In Bed With Someone’s Husband (VIDEO)

The older women reportedly beat her up and then pushed her to give away her panties for reasons only known to them.

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The husband, whose face is obscured in the video, attempts unsuccessfully to stop his wife and her colleague from attacking his mistress, but it is futile as the attacks intensify.

The mistress is a Zimbabwean woman who was invited to South Africa by the man at fault, according to the video.

Many people are angry with the women who assaulted the mistress because she tried to convince them that she didn’t know the man was married several times.

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Members of the public, on the other hand, believe it is appropriate to deal with the man who has left his family for another woman. The husband is the one who deceived and lied to his mistress about his marital status.


Source: OccupyGh.com