A young lady is currently in hot soups after she mistakenly sent a compromising photo of herself intended for her side lover on Facebook to her husband.

lady sends photo lover husband
Cheating Wife Mistakenly Sends Compromising Photo Meant For Lover To Husband

The young lady who got married to her husband who is 10 years older than her tried to play her husband.

Unknowingly to her, the husband has been tipped off by a friend that the wife is cheating on him.

After hearing several allegations about his young wife sleeping around with other men, the husband opened a fake Facebook account and started an online romantic relationship with her.

Things got interesting and this lady decided to send her [email protected] picture to her online lover, so as to show him how sexy she is... and even booked a hotel appointment with the Facebook lover.

The source who sent the picture to us said the young lady is a student in one of the Polytechnic in Accra, adding that the husband has since sent her parking.

He said she’s now a full-time runs girl as she could not return to her parent’s home either.

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lady sends photo lover husband

Source: OccupyGh.com