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Adwoa Safo Attends The EC Registration Office In Dome Kwabenya With Yoghurt And Sausage Pies (Video)

The member of parliament for Dome Kwabenya, Sarah Adwoa Safo, is still working tirelessly to win re-election as the district’s representative in 2024.

The MP has taken another step since making her apologies last week by feeding new registrants who visited the EC registration sites to sign up for their voter ID cards.

With yoghurt and pie for the just registered voters, she flocked to the Dome Kwabenya Voter Registration Exercise Centre yesterday.

The MP banned anyone else from sharing in an effort to show that she is actually back to serve the people after being away from them for more than a year as she travelled around the USA.

View the video here:

Check the comments below;

Adelaide_Afriyie: “You guys shouldn’t be deceived oo.” “Who is advising her?? Please consider your father’s reputation he has built over the years and respect yourself…”

Elyon_bakery: “Why r u people always like this eer, fear God wai, always playing with people, cuz voting is getting closer eiiiiii , I feel so sad seeing this.”

Pharro__: “At this time, she can fetch water for the whole community but all be Mind Games ??”

Yawson_ike: “Seems Ghanaian we have short memory or ? Cos eiiiiii???”

Mbiesil1_official: “????? if they vote for this woman again I will join GUM party, these politicians think we are fools, they must collect her money and vote against her.”


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