bukom banku fetish priestess wife
Bukom Banku Reveals Shocking Reasons To Why He's Dating A Fetish Priestess

Bukom Banku on ATUU with Abeiku Santana revealed reasons to why he is dating a fetish priestess.

Ghanaian controversial boxer, comedian, musician and entrepreneur Bukom Banku has revealed to Abeiku Santana on his weekly show, Atuu, reasons to why he is dating a fetish priestess.

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In the interview observed by OccupyGh.com, the famous Ghanaian boxer revealed that he has two wives. His first wife and the second wife – a fetish priestess.

Boxer Bukom Banku

Asked to why he married a fetish priestess, Bukom Banku said;

“Anytime I get fight, she look into it for me”

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Abeiku Santana then asked him if it wasn’t ‘Haram’, a sin, to do such a thing? Bukom Banku responded;

“Give what belong to Ceasar to Ceasar and what belongs to Jesus to Jesus”

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