Dave Parton told the police that he’s not taking any chances when it comes to the Coronavirus after he was arrested for throwing his girlfriend out of a moving car.

“I don’t compromise on this Rona sh*t, miss me with that Ronash*t. I told her to keep her mask on but she didn’t now she wanna cough at who?”. Said Dave whose girlfriend Nina is in the hospital with a broken arm and a broken leg. Dave threw her out of a speeding car for coughing at his face, she was almost hit by other cars which could have been worse than just a broken leg and arm. Her skin is also bruised.

Fortunately for her, she does not have the Coronavirus. “If she had the virus he’d probably be infected too before her symptoms show, he is just a bad person for throwing her out like that”. Said a nurse who believes people like dave should be the ones dying from Corona.

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The Alabama couple was driving around looking for supplies when the incident happened. Dave told the police it was his survival instincts that made him throw her out. “We were driving around looking for toilet paper, hand sanitizers, condoms, and liquor…

I had my mask on, she refused to wear her and I warned her she will catch the Rona. 30 minutes later she was coughing, coughing straight at me and before I knew it my baby was rolling on the road, I was doing like 70 or 80 I don’t know”.

The authorities are warning people to stop diagnosing each other without proper tests because it could lead to violence. “Last week a mother locked out her own 3-year-old daughter outside for coughing in the house, the poor child had the flu. this is very disturbing like a 60-year-old woman who died from an asthma attack inside a supermarket because people ran away from her saying she has corona”.