Bullet dating Wendy Shay
Not Your Problem If I'm Having An Affair With Wendy Shay - Bullet

Rumors suggesting that CEO of Rufftown records, Bullet is having an affair with his signee, Wendy Shay heightened last week when reports alleging that a second signee Fantana has been sacked from the record label surfaced.

Prior to the news, Fantana took to her Instagram page to threaten her boss, Bullet. “WE ALL KNOW THE TRUTH. The TRUTH THAT YOU BOTH ARE SCARED OF….

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Since you guys want everything to be public . WHY DON’T I JUST TELL THE TRUTH?” Fantana posted.

Wendy Shay, Bullet

Bullet in a recent interview on ‘Uncut Show’ hosted by Zion Felix noted that there is no secret to reveal and that he is not scared or moved by Fantana’s bluff.

Adding to it, Bullet revealed that even if Fantana fabricates a story that he is having an affair with Wendy Shay, it is no one’s business. He said that this won’t be the first time such a lie has surfaced and it won’t be news.

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