As expected, Efia Odo could not stay away from Twitter for that long.

She has finally returned to the mini-blog platform after taking a break.

efia odo twitter
Efia Odo Returns To Twitter With Hot Photos

As reported earlier, Efia deactivated her account earlier on after she was trolled over Hudson Odoi being in Ghana.

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She tweeted and deactivated her account:

“I’m strong AF but it’s hurtful when y’all tag me with all these names. A footballer is in town and y’all keep saying I’m gonna be the first person he f&s. I’m here putting my life at risk for a better Ghan and all yall do is attack me and make me feel like crap! SMH y’all won….”

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Surprisingly not surprising, she is back on the platform as she just shared hot photos of herself.

Check out the photos below or visit