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VIDEO: Funny Face Exchanges Blows With Lilwin On Live TV

VIDEO: Funny Face Exchanges Blows With Lilwin On Live TV

Yesterday’s Saturday Live shows with Nana Ama McBrown on UTV was more than a live heavyweight bantamweight boxing show as Funny Face fights Lilwin on live TV.

Last night during the shows, Funny Face accused Lilwin of being a fake friend. Funny said on some occasions that he used to be friends with Lilwin only for him to stab him at the back.

He also alleged that the mother of his twins left him because of Lilwin.

Although we don’t know what transpired between both of them, they had multiple exchanges of verbal attacks on social media but the dust about their beef settled.

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Even a lot of people said that their beef could be planned just for a publicity stunt.

But what happened tonight in the studios of UTV points to the fact that the bad blood between the two entertainers is pretty serious.

If not for the intervention of Shatta Wale’s manager Bulldog, blood could have flowed.

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