A young Nigerian lady has come after popular Nigerian comedian Broda Shaggi for enjoying, chopping, and dumping her.

The young lady identified as Adele Spicy took to her Instagram page to share the gist about what she did with Broda Shaggi.

broda shaggi and Adele Spicy
Lady Accuses Broda Shaggi Of Ch0pping Her For Free & Lying About It

Accoring to her post sighted by OccupyGh.com, Shaggi has his way with her after he claimed to love to her.

She revealed that they both had s*x on countless occasions including Duna s*x.

Allegedly, Shaggi dumped her after all that she did for him. The young lady wrote:

Adele Spicy

“Dating someone like Shaggi is on unexplainable…. why would you lie to me that you love me just to get under my pan.ts…. and here you’re lying to people that you’re still a virgin who does that,

we had sx almost all the time and still request for [email protected] sx and I gave it to you, here you are lying to people that you’re still a virgin, who? I have prove and the video I made. I go choke you.

After taking advantage of me just because you’re tired of the relationship you stop picking your calls and you ignore your text message, just because you’re dating another girl …”

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Source: OccupyGh.com