Lady Goes Live, Laughs While Her Friend Gets Rape | VIDEO

A quite sad video circulating social media shows the moment a Louisiana lady live-streamed herself laughing while her friend was getting ‘raped’ in the background.

The incident reportedly occurred in Plaquemine, Louisiana.

The footage started with the Louisiana lady saying hi to her followers before another woman is then heard screaming for help from a room inside the building where she was.

But the less bothered lady continues to live-stream herself and laughing at the victim’s painful screams.

At one point, one of her viewers called in and attempted to convince the lady to help the victim who could be heard crying and yelling “stop raping me.

But she still didn’t make any attempt to help and continued to stream.

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MTO News contacted local authorities and made them aware of this video. The Baton Rouge Police responded saying that the incident was a “family” dispute. They claim that NO CRIME was committed inside the house.

It should be recalled that a few years ago, an 18-year-old woman who used a social media app to live stream the alleged rape of her 17-year-old friend was indicted along with another man by a grand jury on several charges including rape and kidnapping, an Ohio prosecutor disclosed.

The case came to light when authorities were contacted after an out-of-state friend of the accused woman saw the images, Franklin County Prosecutor Ron O’Brien said.

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Marina Lonina and co-defendant Raymond Gates, 29, were charged with rape, kidnapping, sekzual battery, and pandering sekzually-oriented matter involving a minor. The alleged rape involved intercourse by force, according to Wednesday’s indictment, which did not mention her age as a factor.

Lonina was also charged with illegal use of a minor in nudity-oriented material or performance, related to the alleged use of the social media live-streaming app Periscope. Periscope, an app for smartphones, uses a video function to allow users to stream events live.

O’Brien said Lonina and the victim were socializing with Gates at a home in Columbus on Feb. 27 when Gates raped the 17-year-old girl. Lonina used the Periscope app to live stream the assault, O’Brien said. Lonina had also taken a picture of the girl in the nude the night before at Lonina’s house, O’Brien said.