Man Arrested For Eating Human Flesh
Man Arrested For Eating Human Flesh

A man has reportedly been arrested for stealing corpses and eating their flesh.

A 29-year-old man was arrested for cannibalism after villagers found him stealing body parts from pyres at a local cremation ground and eating them later.

According to details gathered by, the man who has been identified as Bakamba from Tafako district, seems to be mentally ill and medical examination will be carried out to ascertain his status before any action is taking on him.

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Residence of Tafako informed us that the suspect, Identified, Bakamba, was involved in cannibalism. According to them, he was found eating human flesh from a body at local cemetery and his family were informed.

A source close to the situation noted to us that villagers had come here for cremation of a body when they noticed this man getting to close to a burning pyre, when they chased him, he ran away and hid himself a bedsheet in an uncompleted building.
“When we remove the bedsheet there were human organs and flesh under it.”

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Man Arrested For Eating Human Flesh
Just In: Man Arrested For Eating Human Flesh