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Mother Sobs As She Watches Her 7-Year-Old Son Who Has Never Before Closed His Mouth, Blinkered His Eyes, Or Smiled (Video)

A mother from Malawi who goes by the name Tusaiweyana has spoken publicly about her struggle to find help for her son Jay, who hasn’t smiled, blink, or even close his mouth since birth.
She described the heartbreaking hardships her son has every day as a result of the illness, which makes it difficult for him to close his mouth completely. This affects his ability to eat, drink, and even convey emotions through facial expressions.

The distressed mother claims that despite her son’s condition remaining the same for over seven years despite her continuous attempts.

The young boy’s health condition clearly has a negative impact on his quality of life in the touching clip.

But his mother has stayed unwavering in her affection and admiration for him, choosing to see him as a special person deserving of unrestricted love and acceptance.

Tusaiweyana made a sincere appeal for assistance and disclosed her intention to visit South Africa in the upcoming month in order to get Jay a conclusive diagnosis and explore her choices for treatment.

As she put it;

Finding no support when searching for it is really upsetting. to search for solutions but never succeed. For my son, I’ve been hunting for solutions for about seven years now.

“This is my biological son, whom I gave birth to when I was 16 to 17 years old. He was born with a condition that prevents him from closing his mouth and, at times, it used to affect so many other things, but I chose to love him, appreciate him, and see him as a different child, as a child who is not limited by his condition,” the mother says , as a special young person, and value him for who he is.

“However, I’m coming close to receiving more responses from other nations. So, I don’t know, we’re going to South Africa next month.

The following are some of the comments made by online users after watching the video.

I wish you could bring him to the US, said @what.sherface. There are so many different medical professionals, specialists, and behavioural specialists here.

In response, @aphotiklavender said, “If you can, ask about Moebius syndrome.”

Tusa, will you be consulting privately? asked @lung79. I’m wondering whether someone who is following you in South Africa is in the medical field and can help you get directed in the proper path before you go so you don’t see the wrong specialists.I’m already wondering in my thoughts whether a paediatrician or perhaps a geneticist can diagnose it. If so, perhaps talk to them about your issue so they are fully aware of the situation. If I were still in South Africa, where I worked with great doctors, I would have been happy to help you.

In response, @khomotjomlati said: “Next month when you’re in South Africa, I’d love to see you guys. Unfortunately, I live in another province, but I’ll come visit you and your son.”

@muthatrukn_raina questioned whether this might be lymphatic-related. @cejimages.

To learn more, view the video down below.


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