‘My Political Love Affair’ – Gifty Anti Launches New Book On Prime Morning

Popular Ghanaian Broadcast Journalist Gifty Anti has launched her new book ‘Fifty Nuggets @ 50’ on Joy Prime’s finest morning show, Prime Morning.

The Gender equality Advocate launched her third book on Friday, which follows the success of her first two books ‘A bit of Me’ and ‘The Best of You’.

The book, which has been described as the ‘true reflection’ of the author, includes 50 tips and bits of advice collated from Gifty’s fifty years on earth. Some of the Nuggets, which are bound to raise a few eyebrows include “My political love affair”, “My feminism and my religion”, “My singleness”, “Trusting a man”, among others.

Speaking to Prime Morning host Emefa Adeti, Gifty explained that even though the book is not an autobiography, it is a complete reflection of how she has lived on earth through her 50 years.

“My ultimate aim and desire are to inspire people, especially young people around me not to make the mistakes I made. Of course, you need to make your own mistakes and learn, but if you know how I messed up in my paths, you can avoid it and become a better person and that’ll be my pride” she said.

Copies are selling for 60 cedis each and interested buyers can contact Read More GH, an online bookstore on 0594003222 to purchase theirs now.

Source: OccupyGh.com


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