nadia buari's twin daughters
Video Of Nadia Buari's Baby Girl Showing Her Face Surfaces

A cute video of one of Nadia Buari‘s twin baby girls has surfaced online social media.

The baby in the video is purported to be one of the Ghanaian actress’ twin baby girls.

For many months, Nadia Buari has kept the identity of her twins from the media and the public until today.

Nadia Buari with her twin daughters

The video was shared by a netizen on Instagram who captioned the video:

“This is one of the beautiful girls of popular Ghanaian actress. Her name starts with N and ends with I. How I got this video, I can’t tell you all but my sources, a close friend to the family confessed to me that this is one of her girls.”

We must say, the baby in the video looks so much like Nadia Buari. See below for yourselves.

Check out the video below or visit for more videos.

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