Ghanaian socialite Abena Korkor has school editor in chief of Nkonkonsa blog, Eugene, on how to spell bipolar.

In a new video that has just surfaced on social media, Abena has accused Nkonkonsa of being a dumb person and being unable to spell.

nkonkonsa cannot spell bipolar
‘Nkonkonsa Cannot Spell Bipolar’ – Abena Korkor Schools Him On How To Spell (VIDEO)

This was after Eugene allegedly shared a private chat of Abena Korkor begging her on Peace FM.

“From the stories you write, it shows how dumb you are… Simple BIPOLAR you cannot spell. BIPOLA is how you spell it, let me school you on how to spell it. B I P O L A R…” Abena Korkor notes in her latest video.

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