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Osebo Replies Ajagurajah’s Call To Beef With This Video (WATCH NOW)

osebo replies Ajagurajah
Osebo Replies Ajagurajah's Call TO Beef With This Video (WATCH NOW)

The beef between Ghanaian fashionista Osebo The Zaraman and Ghana’s unorthodox Prophet Ajagurajah just got heated up as the former replies.

If you will recall earlier today, Ajagurajah threw a challenge to Osebo to dare him into a new beef.

Osebo The Zaraman
Osebo The Zaraman

According to Ajagurajah, Osebo will lose a challenge if he dares him to a fashion bout.

“Osebo, are you looking at what I am wearing… this is fashion, this is a feathers dress… You cannot beef me when it comes to fashion, you’ve lost the battle already. Go back and prepare yourself…” Ajagurajah noted in a now viral video.

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Well, Osebo has replied – taking to his official Instagram page, the fashionista also shared a video to counter.

“Prophet Ajagurajah, you are in for a real lesson, combination is a calculation… this week we will bring it to you back to back unless you slaughter a cow and wears the head…

I have shoes over 600 pieces and shirts over 300 pieces, you cannot challenge me”


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