A popular pastor who happens to be the founder of Maxim Deliverance Church has been caught red-handed ‘Chopping’ two women; a member’s wife and a housemaid.

pastor caught member wife housemaid
Popular Pastor Caught Red-Handed Ch0pping Member’s Wife & Housemaid

He was caught with the member’s wife and another lady, a housemaid, on his matrimonial bed.

The arrest was made by a group of police upon a tip-off.

Reports claim that the woman is a wife to a top police officer in the community. The pastor had gone to the woman’s house to pray for her because she is yet to conceive. She invited the pastor to come to the house to carry out a prayer session for her when her husband had gone to work.

Some pastors have turned the church into a lucrative business, they intentionally mobilize women to attend their church in large numbers so that it can attract men to be a member of the church. They use these women to perform miracles, anointing, and all sorts of lies while they make it look like a real miracle to other innocent members.

Maxim Deliverance Church

The pastor claimed that the woman seduced him into committing the sin. He said he tried to refuse her several times, but she was the one who tempted him into committing adultery with her. He revealed how the woman started touching him repeatedly, and the woman seemed to be loving it, and the woman took off her clothes in no time, to begin with.

The neighbors were shocked when they heard about the unbelievable incident because the pastor is a well-known pastor who has been doing good things in the community he belongs to.

The church members who heard about the shocking incident also frown at this immoral act from the pastor as they believe it’s not good to pray for a woman in her bedroom as anything can happen. Our pastors should stop spoiling the image of Christianity by putting up these indecent acts with married women especially.