Princess Shyngle

Princess Shyngle has confessed to having no v*jay in what seems to be a one of his shocking revelation this year. In an instagram post, the Coca-Cola looking instagram queen said that she is “actually a man”. (Photo below)

Men as we all know walk around with ‘stick’ in between their legs and not a v*jah. With this confession, one may wonder how she satisfies the numerous men she is seen hanging around her.

We can talk of the likes of D-Black and Michael and perhaps find out from them if indeed Ms. Shyngle is a man has she claims.

In her cryptic message on her gram page, she captioned it saying; “I have a confession to make y’all, I’m actually a man ? ❤️??? #justforlaughs #melaninpoppin#blackisbeautiful #gambianprincess#saynotobleaching #princessshyngle Happy new month y’all ❤️????”

Check the photo below;

Princess Shyngle