rev obofour church member smoke wee

Rev Obofour, founder and leader of Anointing Palace Chapel, has surfaced in the news again for allegedly forcing a young man in the church to smoke weed during a church service.

According to a video sighted by, Rev Obofour who was invited to a church program organized by Bishop Badu Kobi of Glorious Waves International church called out a church member to smoke wee during his preaching session.

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While preaching, Rev Obofour asked if anyone in the church had a marijuana on him and surprisingly enough one man came out.

Rev Obofour Forces Man To Smoke Weed In Church (Video)
Rev Obofour

He then asked the man to take out the weed in his pocket and smoke it just to prove that indeed it was weed. The young man with the hard drug did exactly that.

According to Rev. Oboufour, the young man has been bewitched by his family members, destroying him with marijuana and that is why the young man is addicted to the hard drug.

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Making him smoke the weed will therefore rid him of the addiction, Rev. Obofour revealed.

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