Twene Jonas has gone crazy in his latest video as part of his series that sees him going hard on African politicians.

Twene Jonas has specifically been lambasting Ghanaian politicians for bad management of our resources.

twene jonas goes crazy
Twene Jonas Goes Crazy: “If I Don’t Make It To Heaven, I’ll Still Be Glad Because I’m Already In Heaven” (VIDEO)

In this latest video of him, that has just surfaced, Twene is heard saying if he does not make it to Heaven he will still be glad because he has experienced his Heaven on the land of the USA.

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“There have damaged the country, our leaders are damaging the damaging. In the USA is like Heaven, I don’t care if I don’t make it to Heaven because I have experienced my heaven on this land already…”

Asserting further, Twene noted that he will continue to blast the leaders in Ghana until they start doing the right thing.

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