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Woman Wheels Dead Husband Into Bank To Get Him To Sign Loan Papers

A moment that has caused a stir on social media was captured on camera when a woman wheels a deceased man into a bank to sign loan papers in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.

Bank staff grew suspicious as the woman held up the pale-looking man’s head and urged him to sign the paperwork.

As the scene unfolded, employees began filming and eventually alerted authorities, concerned by the unusual circumstances.

Despite the woman’s efforts to prop up the deceased’s head and encourage him to sign, it was evident to onlookers that something was amiss.

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One bank worker voiced their doubts, remarking on the man’s pallor, to which the woman responded nonchalantly, insisting he was “like that.”

The woman persisted in her efforts, even attempting to place a pen in the deceased’s hand and guide him through the signing process.


Amidst the surreal encounter, she addressed the deceased, offering to take him to the hospital if he felt unwell, demonstrating a disturbing detachment from reality.


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