#10CedisForAnita: Netizens To Rescue 18-Year-Old Anita On Pink October #NoBraDay (VIDEO)

A call to help save Anita, an 18-year-old lady suffering from what looks like breast cancer/tumor on No Bra Day.

On Pink Month where many are pushing the agenda of breast cancer awareness, Anita has popped up.

#10CedisForAnita: Netizens To Rescue 18-Year-Old Anita On Pink October #NoBraDay (VIDEO)

Ghanaian freelance journalist Bridget Otoo who is currently championing the rescue mission tweeted:

“Anita is only 18, she still has time to fulfill her dream of being a journalist.

Let’s do it for her! #10CedisForAnita #PinkOctober will share more of her story on -#NewsNight”

How to help Anita:

“Let’s share and trend this for 18-year-old Anita. She’s diagnosed with cancer of the breast, Doctor says she needs about 40000 cedis for Chemo and Surgery. If you are touched send any amount to 0555890327 (Dorothy Ahua Niamkey) #10CedisforAnita”

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Source: OccupyGh.com

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