Female Nurses Cry - Our Uniform Stops Ghanaian Men From Approaching
7 Reasons Why You Should Marry A Ghanaian Nurse - Man Married To One

While there is a general reluctance by Ghanaian men to go in for nurses as wives, we bring you 7 concrete reasons why you should be thinking about marrying a nurs.

Marriage has increasingly become one of the most discussed topics worldwide and, whichever way you look at it, the phenomenon is a very important part of society.

But whiles marriage in itself is beautiful, it is not something that is easily achieved. First, a couple must meet, like each other, possibly date and then proceed to tie the knot.

This brings me to the focus of this article, which discusses why every man should be thinking about marrying a Ghanaian nurse.

Earlier this week, a video went viral of some Ghanaian nurses who raised concerns about failure of Ghanaian men to approach them, despite the fact that they are grown and more than ready to ‘be picked’.

While there is a general reluctance by Ghanaian men to go in for nurses as wives, below are 7 concrete reasons why you should be thinking about marrying a nurse, according to Mr. Percy (not his real name), a successful Ghanaian corporate man who is married to a nurse.

1. Good Cook
Nursing is a profession that demands thoroughness and care. As such, many nurses equip themselves with some domestic skills, including cooking.

Many nurses in Ghana are actually good cooks and, if you are a man who doesn’t joke with his stomach, then you should be thinking of marrying one.

“I used to hear a lot of things about nurses. That nurses are this and are that. I still decided to go ahead and marry my wife,” Mr. Percy told Pulse Ghana.

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Certainly one of the things that keeps him happy is the good cooking of his nurse wife.

2. Good in bed
Sex is a very important aspect of marriage and of course everyone would like to have a partner who he or she enjoys good sex with.

The situation is no different with nurses. There are many beautiful Ghanaian nurses out there who are capable of managing a home, just like their colleagues in other occupations.

“It was not my intention to marry a nurse. But when I had an encounter with my wife, my perception changed,” says Mr. Percy.

There you have it from a man married to a nurse.

3. Supportive –They already have a job and can support in many ways

Another reason why you should consider marrying a nurse is that they are not lazy and will be able to support you in many ways.

If your wife is a nurse, it means she is employed and that in turn means the burden of taking care of the house is not entirely on you.

Whiles some ladies prefer to solely depend on their husbands for support, nurses are decent workers who earn a living for themselves.

Wouldn’t it be nice having such a supportive, independent woman as a wife? Just try it!

4. Manage the home well

There is no statistic or research to back this up, but I tell you, nurses are the best homemakers you can find.

Due to the training they go through in school, they graduate with skills that make them ‘wife materials’.

They know their way around the kitchen, they wash well and their bed-laying abilities are unmatched.

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“It has been a great experience having her as my wife. She’s loving, caring and supportive,” Mr. Percy added.

5. Very neat
As I stated earlier, nursing is an occupation that demands thoroughness and care. Therefore, it is highly unlikely to find a nurse who is not neat.

Because they deal with patients on a daily basis, they are very particular about hygiene and anything that concerns cleanliness.

Also because of their working environment, they make sure that they look clean at all times.

Trust me, you don’t want to miss out on a wife with all these qualities.

6. Caregivers at home
Another advantage of marrying a nurse is the fact that they are caregivers and good managers of any home.

They naturally love children, they are patient and generally have a will to ensure that things are always in place.

This is a quality that has very rare, but also very necessary in order to have a happy marriage.

Nurses may have their flaws, just like anyone else, but when it comes to caregiving at home, they are number one.

7. First aid at home
It’s always good to be close to a specialist and, for those married to nurses, receiving first aid treatment should never be a worry.

That is their specialty and they are very good at that. Having a nurse as a wife has so many advantages and this is one of them.

“There’s is this popular saying that when people get married and given another chance if you’d do it again. I say yes, I will marry my beautiful wife again,” Mr. Percy says.

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