Ghanaian socialite Abena Korkor who was quite popular a week ago for her virals has tried to educate the masses concerning mental health.

The young lady who once suffered a mental health attack has been very open about her situation.

abena korkor mental health

She once shared a video of how she suffered dealing with her condition and how she is still working her way out of it.

In a new Instagram post that she just shared online, the damsel has embraced her health concern as she advocates as a health ambassador.

“Let mental health be part our conversation today and always. We all have mental health but 1 in 5 of us may suffer a mental health problem once in their lifetime.

Educate yourself so are more appreciative in such an instance.

Also know recovery is personal and unique to each individual.” She noted as she shared a photo of herself reading a related book.

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abena korkor mental health
Abena Korkor Advocates For Mental Health Talks In Latest Post