Socialite Akua Saucy nudes dubbed part 2 has just surfaced on the internet, and netizens are going crazy over it.

As if part 1 of the video was not enough to shame her, another version with different shots of her infamous gargantuan Akua Kuma surfaces. (Click Here if you missed part 1)

Akua Saucy Leak Video
Akua Saucy Leak Video Part 2 Surfaces Online

So why again, how did Akua Saucy’s pictures make it online again?

Saucy’s compromising photos are once again flying all over the net, particularly on Twitter and telegram.

It’s not clear what led to this 2nd release, but the 1st was from a guy who had been paying her to send her those kinds of photos.

This 2nd release even has people feeling that Saucy might be releasing her own pics for free publicity and to gain customers.

The photos are an eyesore most netizens have noted.

Click Here to see it.