Ghanaian Actress Akuapem Poloo will remain Akuapem Poloo regardless of what she has been through or not as this new video of her showing more than we ever bargained for surfaces.

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Akuapem Poloo in the new viral video lifted her shirt to show off her tummy and cleavage. The move was to show that her body remained unchanged even after childbirth with her son.

akuapem poloo topless
Akuapem Poloo Went Topless During Interview TO Show Her Cleavage To Prove Her Body Remained Unchanged After Childbirth (VIDEO)

The mother of one, who was sentenced to jail some months ago for snapping completely naked in front of her son, revealed during the interview that she eats more than most people yet she still has a flat tummy.

She then went on to lift her top to show her tummy, cleavage, and armpit while explaining that she has no stretch marks on her tummy and breasts, and her tummy remains flat despite giving birth.


Undoubtedly, Poloo has one of the most fittest bodies even after giving birth to his son. I wonder how she did it.

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