If anyone had any doubt about just how serious the Coronavirus (COVID-19) outbreak is, we now have proof positive, we are in the midst of a huge crisis.

This is a crisis not measured yet by how many people have been taken ill, or are in the hospital or have died.

Here in Ghana, some things are sacred in our lives and nobody touches them under any circumstance: religion, handshakes, and funerals.

These are subjects that are not up for discussion and many people believe they define our very existence.

For weeks, government and health officials here have been warning everybody to improve personal hygiene and avoid crowds.

Many people preferred to think that the coronavirus would not make it into sub-Saharan Africa and therefore they believed the warnings by the health experts could be ignored.

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Well, a concerned Bishop in Ghana has made an unofficial appeal to President Akufo Addo concerning all the Coronavirus patients at various hospitals in the country. He is pleading with President Akufo Addo to be allowed to pray for all the Coronavirus patients as he can heal them.

According to Bishop Thunder who is the leader and founder of Pentecostal firehouse Ministry, he has been given the gift of healing by God and as such, would be able to heal the patients when given the chance.