Kennedy Agyapong‘s daughter, Amanda Agyapong, has landed a big major promotion with Google – a worldwide international brand.

Amanda Agyapong is only 23 years old.

Amanda Agyapong

Amanda is the second of Kennedy Agyapong’s seven daughters -yes, you read right, 7 daughters. All girls of course.

The 23-year-old started her career in Google as an intern.

Ms. Agyapong studied at UPenn and started her career as an account manager at Google Ann Arbor before her promotion by the internet company on Friday, April 23.

Sharing the great news about her feat, she shared a video of her journey to google on her Instagram page.

She noted:

“@google newly PROMOTED Black woman🎉🎉. This is also dedicated to my day one Black Girl Googler squad, here’s to our continued successful careers💕💕. From my internship to the first job, to first promotion Google has held me down but most importantly so have these ladies!”

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