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afriyie acquah amanda acquah: Amanda Reacts To Ex-Husband Afriyie Acquah's Tape

Ghanaian professional footballer, Afriyie Acquah was yesterday in the news as reported by for mistakenly l3aking a tape of himself engaging with his white girlfriend. The video was apparently shared on Afriyie’s Snapchat page. has gathered that the young footballer was sending the video to his friend, unknowingly to him, the video made its way to his snapchat page.

Although it was deleted immediately, followers who were online at the moment managed to capture and save a bit of it.

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Amanda Reacts To Ex-Husband Afriyie Acquah's Tape
Afriyie Acquah

Reacting to the odd incidence, Afriyie Acquah’s ex-wife, Amanda Acquah has said that God is dealing with her ex-husband (Afriyie).

According to Amanda, all his relationships that played her always end up getting destroyed as well.

“Not a single person who has played me ended up in a better situation. God will deal with you. If you let your side chic steal your wives videos from your phone, God will let you post your own sekstape, Karma.”

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Could this really be karma on Afriyie? Your views are welcome below or click for more videos

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Amanda Reacts To Ex-Husband Afriyie Acquah's Tape
Amanda Acquah