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Anonymous: ‘TikTok Is An App Created As Spyware By The Chinese Government’

Anonymous: 'TikTok Is Spyware app By Chinese Government'
Anonymous: 'TikTok Is An App Created As Spyware By The Chinese Government'

Anonymous: ‘TikTok Is An App Created As Spyware By The Chinese Government’

Recently, Anonymous has tried to bring revolution in the United States by exposing the secrets of the rich and people having power.

The protest that was started to bring justice to George Floy is still going in the nation. George Floyd was an African-American who was brutally murdered by 4 Minneapolis police officers.

Currently, those 4 officers are under arrest, and charges have been applied as per the video that was leaked by Anonymous.

Now, more people know about this Anonymous twitter account and people are also searching about it on the internet.

After this, someone created a TikTok account claiming it to like the same Anonymous on twitter. But, in a recent tweet, they revealed that they have no TikTok account and it is an app created as spyware by the Chinese government.

TikTok is considered spyware also in the past by the CEO of Reddit, Steve Huffman who during a conference call the app “fundamentally parasitic”.

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He revealed that the Chinese mobile application using something “device fingerprinting” for tracking the behavior of its users.

He also actively warns people not to install this spyware application on your smart device. It may be accessing personal information.

It is also heard that a national security investigation has been going on over this app by the US government.

Earlier, the app was available as but the TikTok company has purchased it from the developer after seeing how this app utilizes browser-based trackers.

The followers of Anonymous are waiting for the group to also expose them asap.

On May 31, Anonymous also tweeted, “Trump, Putin, and Xi need to go. From Moscow. From Hong Kong. From Minneapolis. Global Revolution Now. #ICantBreathe #Minneapoliprotest #hongKongindependence #OpHongKong #OpRussia #OpDeathEaters #Anonymous”

They may be planning for some global revolution for the sake of humanity and mother earth. But what are they going to reveal next?

This hacker group is working for something good as they made the things clear the things they don’t do on the internet. Those include: they are not on TikTok, Facebook, or Instagram.

They don’t leak credit cards, revenge porn, or other unethical things. They said, “We are solely here to seek justice and an end to impunity.”



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