Archipalago Slaps Kwaku Manu
Video: Archipalago Slaps Kwaku Manu In The US

A video privy to reveals that Kumawood actor Kwaku Manu and Archipalago have clashed in the US following an argument.

According to the video, Instagram sensation Archipalago nearly slapped Kwaku Manu after the actor passed a comment about him.

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In the video, Kwaku Manu can be heard provoking Archipalago by calling his latest song a wack song.

Archipalago Slaps Kwaku Manu
Archipalago Slaps Kwaku Manu

Kwaku Manu’s comment sparked a serious argument between the two after Archipalago confronted him to explain why he said so.

Archipalago a month ago released a song dubbed ‘Megye’ which has performed poorly. The wanna-be singer has not welcome any criticism after his song surfaced and readily takes on anyone who tries to speak ill about his song.

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