A popular radio host at the BBC in London Danny Baker has been sacked after he tweeted about the royal baby.

Baker used a photo of a chimpanzee to depict the Duke and Duchess of Sussex’s newborn son Archie.

There was outrage on social media with calls for him to be sacked for his tweet.

He removed the picture after the backlash with social media users branding his action ‘racist’ and an insult to Meghan’s African heritage.

Baker had earlier denied he was racist, saying he was ‘shocked at my own foolishness.”

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He was quoted by MailOnline as saying that ‘I put up a silly photo for a joke. It was monkey in a top hat or something.

“I would have put it up for anyone. I apologised and I took it down when it was pointed out. Once I realised [that it was offensive] I took it down.”

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Prince Harry, Meghan Markel with the Royal Baby
Prince Harry, Meghan Markel with the Royal Baby

Grave Mistake
He continued to say that “It was obviously a mistake. I have made a full apology. Yes of course I’ve made a full apology. I put up silly pictures all the time. But that’s all.

I think even you must realize that it was a mistake. I’m shocked at my own foolishness.”

The radio host on Thursday announced on Twitter that he has been sacked by the BBC.