Billionaire Buries Dead Girlfriend In A Hummer SUV Instead Of Coffin

A piece of jaw-dropping news reaching us at indicates that a Nigerian billionaire – Chief Ade has buried his girlfriend with a Hummer car instead of a coffin.

According to the details, the girlfriend of the billionaire died after battling a strange ailment.

Doctors’ effort to rescue the young lady to her lively self after the sickness has proved futile, leading to her death.

While alive, the billionaire promised to give the hummer to the girlfriend when she was sick—sort of trying to encourage her to get well. And when she died, he decided to honor his promise to her by ensuring that she went underground in the fully loaded hummer.

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Onlookers were surprised—because the burial took place in a small poor village where most people struggle to have 3 square meals.

The billionaire himself was worried that thieves would out at night to steal the hummer—and as such ordered for several layers on concrete and cement to be used to cover it. He also hired 6 watchmen to police the graveyard.


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