Bobrisky’s Twin Brother, A US-Based Cross-Dresser Surfaces | PHOTOS

Meet Bobrisky’s twin brother, Cliff Vmir, a US-based cross-dresser who could pass for his clone.

Nigerian cross-dresser, Idris Okuneye, otherwise known as Bobrisky, is undoubtedly the most popular queer personality in Nigeria and it is often said that he might also have clout beyond the shores of the country.

Bobrisky rose from being relatively unknown and ridiculed to the love and admiration of a lot of his many followers on social media.

Unknown to many, there is a 23-year-old US-based cross-dresser identified as Cliff Vmir who shares an uncanny resemblance with the popular Nigerian cross-dresser.

Cliff Vmir is a singer and hairstylist. The cross-dresser reportedly became famous for selling hair extensions and products.

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Check out photos of Cliff Vmir below or visit for more stories.


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