Ghanaba Ayekoo
Breathtaking Entertainment Presents Ghanaba`s New Release - Ayekoo (Good Job)

Breathtaking Entertainment Presents Ghanaba’s New Release – Ayekoo (Good Job)

Breathtaking Entertainment presents Ghanaba’s new release Ayekoo, which means good job or well done in the Ghanaian language twi.

The song is one of several songs released by the Norway based artist that has elements from the motherland Ghana. The lyric is a harmony of english and twi, while the music video portrays how hardworking lifestyle of the Ghanaian men and women.

The mix of English and Twi in this song clearly brings more light to the the Ghanaian word Sankofa which means “go back and get it”. In this case showing that Ghanaba has not forgotten his roots.

The song is structured in a way that the chorus, Ayekoo which is a very easy “sing along” is in twi, while the verses are a mix of english and twi.

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Ayekoo is a song made for all hard working people, everyone who is doing their best every single day to achieve something good and last but not least everyone who gives everything, but doesn’t feel like they are getting anything back.

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Ghanaba says good job and keep moving. To everyone else, Ghanaba says give praise and support to those out there sweating.

The music video is shot in Accra, Ghana. Directed by the almighty PKMI who also works with other major Ghanaian artists. Watch closely and you might see some familiar faces in the music video.

The song is produced by Burundi based young and talented producer KZ Wamaana.

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