Husband Attacked Man Cutlass sleeping wife
Chaos As Angry Husband Attacks Man With Cutlass For Sleeping With His Wife

It was a rare scene at Adum in Kumasi when an irate husband with a sharp cutlass in his hand attacked a man in an SUV car for reportedly sleeping with his wife as per this viral video that has just surfaced.

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The man who was later picked up by the police for the insane stunt was keen on hurting his wife’s side-boyfriend.

Husband Attacked Man Cutlass sleeping wife

According to an account by eyewitnesses, the man in cloth attacked another man driving a V8 vehicle over claims of going after his wife.

Police later showed up to arrest him for pulling out the cutlass. He was handcuffed and taken to a police station.


It all happened fast and if not for the intervention of people who were on the streets, it would have ended really bad for the accused cheating man.

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