Robert Mugabe, the longtime leader of Zimbabwe who ruled the country for more than three decades, has died at age 65.

Robert Mugabe died in Singapore from ill health while being attended at the hospital.

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A quick look at 5 hidden facts about Robert Mugabe you probably didn’t know as collated by OccupyGh.

5 Hidden Facts About Robert Mugabe
Robert Mugabe
  1. Robert Mugabe was nominated for a Nobel Peace Prize in 1981.

2. Mugabe was born to a poor Shona family in Kutama, Southern Rhodesia

3. After his university education at Fort Hare, he worked briefly as a teacher in Southern Rhodesia and Ghana.

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4. He was imprisoned between 1964 and 1974 for making anti-government statements.

5. Robert Mugabe attended Achimota Senior High School in Accra, Ghana.