Popular Nigerian Pastor has revealed why his church members kiss his feet.

According to Pastor Mboyo, the senior pastor of the Higher Willing Ministry, his ways of miracles is so strange to people, and rumors have carried that he does fake miracles and uses charms on his members.

According to the comments on the photos, the pastor revealed to his congregation that he is about to walk to heaven and for the congregation to receive blessings when he get’s there. They need to kiss his feet.

Church Members Kisses My Feet For Instant Miracles
My Church Members Kisses My Feet For Instant Miracles – Nigerian Pastor

The photos which you can see below show both men and men kissing the feet of the pastor whiles he sits comfortably on his sofa in his church.

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He said that the main reasons his members kisses his feet is for miracles and its an instruction given to him by God, for he will soon join God in heaven.

the pastor told his members that he will soon go to heaven that God instructed him to tell his members to kiss his feet for miracles, he also said that whoever kisses his feet receives miracles.

It’s it really True that God gave this instructions or could this be fake, the rate at which many pastors abuse the power of God now is so alarming that everybody has began to lose hope on all the pastors.