commercial bus with sleeping bed

Traveling on a long journey from one place to another can be very hectic, tiring and time consuming. Sometimes one tends to fall asleep, dozing like it’s their own bedroom.

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This could be the future of commercial traveling in this country.

If you ever wanted a bed on a road journey, your wish has been granted as an ACCRA based Chinese transport company Royal VVIP Transport has began transporting some of its customers from Accra to Kumasi in bed furnished buses.

Apart from the driver’s seat, the double decker Yutong bus has no other passenger seats but rather beds. Yes, you read right, furnished with sleeping beds.

One at the top and another down just like Senior High School dormitory beds. Each bed has its own seatbelt attached to it.

This sounds like a dream come true for some travelers and otherwise for some discerning ones.
Check the bus in the video below and don’t forget to share your views below, will you travel in one anytime soon?

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