This has been recorded as one of the shocks of his life after a man discovered that a hotel he ate from charged him GH¢15 to use their tray.

In a viral post sighted online, a man has taken to his social media account to express shock after he was charged for using a tray.

hotel charge use tray
Commotion As Hotel Charges Man GH¢15 To Use Tray

The man who shared the photo of the receipt that was issued to him revealed he was not shocked by the price of the food and drink but by the fact that he was charged 1000 naira for using the hotel’s food tray.

He noted sharing the receipt:

“I can understand the noodles for GH¢50 o… and juice for GH¢55.. but am I taking this tray to my house??? Why charge me GH¢15?”

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hotel charge use tray