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'Continue Chopping Her' - Husband Tells Wife's Lover After Catching Them Doing It | VIDEO

Room 306: ‘Continue Chopping Her’ – Husband Tells Wife’s Lover After Catching Them Doing It | VIDEO

A man who caught his best friend chopping his wife has got the internet talking after a viral video of what he did surfaces online.

After he stumbled on his wife being chopped by his bestie, a husband told his wife’s lover to continue doing the act and not to stop.

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The viral video sighted by sees the exact moment the young man stumbled on his wife and his best friend doing the do in his matrimonial room.

Instead of causing violence, he divorced his wife on the spot and gave her side-guy permission to continue ‘eating’ the forbidden fruit in peace.

He told his wife that he will continue taking care of their kids and gave her permission to continue dishing out her flesh.

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