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Coronavirus In Ghana: How To Conduct Yourself

The Ministry of Health confirmed two cases of Coronavirus infection (COVID-19) in Ghana, yesterday, 12th March 2020.

With nothing to take chances on, there are measures individuals can observe to remain safe.

Washing of hands is one of the preventive measures to be undertaken on an individual basis. One does that by wetting their hands, lathering with soap before scrubbing the hands against each other for at least 20 seconds, thereafter rinsing with clean water. And that tends to be helpful if it is frequently done.

WHO recommends the washing of hands immediately after using the toilet, before meals, before, during and after preparing the meals, when and after handling animals or when looking after a sick person. After an instance of washing, it becomes necessary to dry the hands with a clean dry towel.

Coronavirus In Ghana: How To Conduct Yourself

When coughing or sneezing, one is advised to use a piece of tissue or handkerchief, or in case one doesn’t have any of the two then they do that into the crook of their elbow.

If you see someone coughing, turn your head or entire body away from the victim of the coughing. It is also rational to remain at least three meters away from someone or a group you may be having suspicions of the virus on.

To be safer, covering your mouth and the nose area with a piece of cloth whenever mingling with people will be fit. Also don’t be touching your nose, eyes or mouth anyhow to deny the virus the chance to enter the body in any case you unknowingly had contact with an infected person.

Avoid drinking from the same glass or sharing forks or other utensils with others. COVID-19 is still a mystery, but some people may be able to pass the virus on before they show signs of illness.

If you live in an area where seasonal influenza is circulating, get a flu shot, and make sure your other vaccinations are up to date. Any illness can weaken your immune system and make it easier for you to get the coronavirus.

Clean cell phones, light switches, door handles and things you touch frequently with a disinfectant such as a detergent mixed with water or bleach. Follow directions on the container.

Research also says one way of one boosting their immune system in readiness of the virus is by regularly exercising, eating fruits and vegetables, maintaining a healthy weight, not excessively drinking alcohol, having enough sleep, minimizing stress and shunning smoking tobacco and its related products.

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