Coronavirus Patient Escaped From Hospital Caught Licking Shopping Carts
Coronavirus Patient Who Escaped From Hospital Caught On Camera Licking Shopping Carts

A 68-year-old man who tested positive of Coronavirus earlier this week escaped from the University of Miami hospital and went on a Coronavirus spreading spree.

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Pete Johnson was caught on camera licking shopping carts at Price Choice Foodmarket a few hours he went missing from the hospital.

Other Coronavirus patients who were in the same quarantine area of the hospital said he was recruiting them to escape with him so they can die on their terms. “He said if he will die of the F**KING RONA he sure as hell ain’t dying without spreading it”

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His wife Jane, who is also a victim of Coronavirus said Pete is full of frustration and anger according to her since his diagnosis he kept saying why do I have to die only because some Chinese guy ate a f**king bat. “He is so angry at this whole situation, he even tried to recruit me to go spread it with him. He said, be my Bonny, we can be Bonny and Clyde of this killer flu.”

Jane said she thought he was joking until she heard he was missing and she was shocked when she saw a video of him licking shopping carts. “My husband is not a cruel man, I don’t know what’s gotten into him”.

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