couple caught pool

This happens to be one of the strangest thing I have seen the whole day and I hope it stays that way and not get any worser than this.

Among all places to get into action with a partner, this couple decided to have a romp in clear daylight in a community pool. (Who does that right?)

A secret camera recorded this couple having s3x in the pool. In the video sighted by, judging by the surrounding, this pool doesn’t seem like a private one but rather one which is patronized at hotels.

A couple couldn’t hold it off and decided to use the chlorine water in a pool as their lubricant. They were seen k!ssing and hugging each other tightly.

With the girl moving up and down rhythmically and m**ning in ec$tasy. Plus the woman is holding on for support as she quivers with pleasure. Don’t take my word for it, go see the video for yourself & don’t forget to share to shame them! (Them fuu dudu)

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