A Kenyan young couple who couldn’t wait to get home on Valentine’s Day did their thing while on an Okada motorbike on the roadside.

The viral video that captures the young couple has gone viral on social media since it surfaced online as sighted by us at OccupyGh.com.

Couple Caught Doing On Okada Bike
Madness! Couple Caught Doing It On Okada Bike As They Couldn’t Wait To Get Home On Valentine’s Day (VIDEO)

This year’s Valentine has been tough for a lot of people.

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Some ended up being beaten by their partners after caught stealing.

One other story that we published sees a man finding her girlfriend with another man in bed.

Well, this latest one that’s privy to us captures a young couple doing it live on an Okada motorbike as they couldn’t wait to get home.

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Source: OccupyGh.com