Cynthia Morrison

Minister for Gender Children and Social Protection, Hon. Cynthia Morrison, has said in an interview that her previously negative perception of men changed when she met her husband.

The Minister, who grew up without a father or male figure in her life and had no male siblings, had virtually all her needs provided for by her single mother; who had the tough task of raising she and her four sister on her own.

This experience, she told Adom TV’s Afia Pokua, made her view men as irresponsible.

“My mother gave birth to all girls; we don’t have a brother. And my father never lived with us. The first man I’ve ever lived in the same house with, is my husband. Amazingly, he has changed my perception about men…

I used to think that men are somehow irresponsible, because I actually had no man-figure in my life when I was growing up. My husband has erased that perception entirely. He made me realize that men are indeed wonderful.” Hon. Cynthia Morrison said.

Cynthia has since birthed three boys – which she says has also been a contributing factor in helping her change her perception of men. She now better understands how to treat and live with men.

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