Don’t Stress Yourself Finding A Man That Won’t Cheat – Bright Advises

A young man by name Bright U. Nkwocha on Facebook has appeal to women to stop killing themselves trying to find a man that does not cheat.

According to Bright in a lengthy, “Most men have not changed and won’t change. I don’t think that they want to change at all!”

Check out Bright’s full post below or visit for more stories.

Dear Single Lady,
As you choose the right man to marry and as you prepare for marriage, don’t worry so much about a man that won’t cheat on you.
Don’t give yourself unnecessary headache looking for a man that will always be faithful to you.
You won’t find any!
Are all men cheats?
Are all married men unfaithful?
I don’t know.
One thing I know is that many married men are still enjoying the comforting bosoms of women other than their wives.
You and I know this.
I also know that you think men are thrash, wicked and heartless scum.
Whatever you think about men, you will still marry them.


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