“Don’t Wear Underwears To Church So That God Can Enter” – Pastor Tells Women

“Don’t Wear Underwears To Church So That God Can Enter” – Pastor tells Women

It’s a common nothing these days to see some pastors do anything just to get money out of their members’ pocket, many pastors have gone deep into politics all in the name of getting money, they are ready to go to great lengths to achieve this aim.

However, some of these pastors have discovered outrageous ways to milk money from people or have created barbaric cultures that make no sense at all.

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I have seen some pastors asking their members to kneel and crawl into the church building because they came late to church.

Most pastors are fond of stylishly raging causes on their congregation all because they don’t want lower money denominations from them.

Even in this lockdown, some pastors have decided to start collecting tithe and other offerings through the internet. Imagine a pastor telling his members to come to church without underwear in other for Christ to enter, the question is enter where?

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Due to desperate times, when people needed miracles, they have either ended up eating grass or doing some unfathomable things. Members were made to eat grass.