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Dubai Floods: City Drowns as Two Years’ Rainfall Hits in 24 Hours (VIDEO)

dubai floods
Dubai Floods: City Drowns as Two Years' Rainfall Hits in 24 Hours

Dubai experienced unprecedented flooding as the city was inundated with rainfall equivalent to two years’ worth within a mere 24-hour period on Tuesday.

The flood, amounting to over half a foot of rain, overwhelmed the city’s infrastructure and led to widespread chaos and disruption. Such a volume of rain is exceptionally rare for Dubai, which typically receives only 3.12 inches of rainfall annually on average.

The sudden downpour resulted in flooded streets, submerged vehicles, and significant property damage across various parts of the city.

dubai floods

Authorities scrambled to manage the crisis, deploying emergency response teams and urging residents to exercise caution amid the adverse weather conditions.

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This is what is causing the floods in Dubai, UAE:

Dubai has been using cloud seeding, which can include salting clouds, to induce rain.

It’s a method to tackle their water scarcity issues. This is what happens when u try to create rain with technology.. Nature always finds a balance.

Cloud seeding is when planes are sent to the skies to release substances like salt crystals into clouds. These particles attract water droplets, which combine, become heavier, and then fall as rain. It’s like giving the clouds a little nudge to let the rain out.

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