The funeral fabric or cloth for JJ Rawlings‘ funeral has finally been outdoors. The name of the cloth for Rawlings’ funeral is ‘Odupon Bi Atutu’, to wit, a great leader is gone.

It was chosen to celebrate the memory of the former president of Ghana.

The cloth has a portrait of the late President Rawlings, with the English inscription: “A great tree has fallen”. It also has the image of a fallen big tree, with some of the leaves still on it and others flying in the air, signifying that sometimes death occurs when the deceased still has much to offer.

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According to the details gathered by, the fabric was designed by Tex Styles Ghana Limited, formerly Ghana Textiles Printing Company Limited.

It comes in five color combinations — red and black, black and curry pad, black and dark brown (the typical Asante Kuntukuni color of grey), black and black and white.

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It also has the image of the favorite animal of the JJ Rawling – an eagle, flapping its wings in the air.

Check out the fabric for Rawlins’ Funeral below or visit for more stories.

rawlings funeral fabric
Fabric For Rawlings’ Funeral Finally Outdoor